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Roxie’s Motorcycle

Roxie is not ready to hang her helmet up and is looking to Bruce to help keep her on her bike. Roxie was born with spina bifida. Doctors Said that she would never walk, but with crutches and braces, she got walking. She started riding in the 90s, but a few years after her daughter was born she lost movement in her Ankle. This meant having to slip her foot underneath the shifter and then pull her whole leg up to shift. She ended up with a broken leg from a crash caused by this, and because of her daughter decided that she had to stop riding.

Roxie sits on her motorcycle.
Roxie sits on her bike, reminiscing.
Tom and Bruce work on converting Roxie's motorcycle into a trike. The motorcycle is on a hoist.
Tom and Bruce Work on Roxie’s bike while it’s on a Hoist